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What's in GEM?

What are the ingredients in GEM?

We use real food ingredients only. Our products contain a kaleidoscopic blend of 20+ supernutrients, algae, herbs, and adaptogens. You can find our nutrition information and ingredient list here.

Is GEM organic and non-GMO?

GEM is completely non-GMO and we source organic whenever possible-- the large majority of our ingredients are organic and marked with an asterisk on our nutrition label!

Is GEM allergen friendly?

GEM is completely free of soy, gluten, dairy, and animal products. Our bites do not contain nuts but some of our flavors do contain coconut which is a tree nut and they are processed on shared

Are there any artificial flavors, colors or dyes in GEM?

Nope! 100% fluff-free-- made of only dried powders, fruits, and seeds.

Does GEM do third-party testing?

We have COA's (certificates of analysis) on all of our raw ingredients that show exactly what's in them via testing.  We closely vet each of our suppliers to ensure that the product you're getting is of the highest quality.

What kind of Vitamin D does GEM use?

Our Vitamin D is D2 because we haven’t been able to find a D3 that comes from a natural source.  Most of the vitamin D3 on shelves today comes from sheep’s wool, ours comes from mushroom.  We believe in giving you the cleanest, most real sources of y

What kinds of B Vitamins are in GEM?

Our B-vitamins come from spirulina, chlorella and quinoa sprouts germinated with B-vitamins. During the germination process of the quinoa, the vitamins are being incorporated into the quinoa seeds and are available in their free form as well as trans

Why doesn’t Daily Essentials Citrus Ginger have Vitamin-C?

As long as you’re eating a well rounded diet of fruits & veggies, chances are you’re getting enough vitamin C already. 75 mg of vitamin C is recommended per day for adults by the National Institute of Health, so if you’re eating one medium orange (75

Why doesn't GEM contain calcium?

Most women don’t need additional calcium supplementation, but actually need Vitamin K2 to help absorb the calcium you get from your diet, which is why we ensured K2 was in GEM (lacking K2 in your diet can lead to inadequate calcium absorption). K2 is