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Who can/should eat GEM?

Do you offer samples or trials?

We do not offer samplers or trials at the moment. GEM is designed to be a daily habit and we regularly offer intro offers on our site to help you get started.

I'm pregnant/breastfeeding, is GEM something I can eat?

Please consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

I eat healthy, why do I need GEM?

GEM was created to fill in the gaps of what we may be missing from our day-to-day diet and help diversify our nutrition through plants we don't typically get in a normal day (ashwagandha, green and red algaes, and more!). GEM supports your everyday h

Can men eat GEM?

Yes! GEM provides a fantastic nutritional boost for both men and women, and is not designed as a prenatal (or anything of the sort), so there should be no concern there. For the most part, the modern issues that plague women are similar to those that

Can my child eat GEM?

GEM is formulated for adults, making it nutritionally dense; however, as long as your child isn’t allergic to one of our ingredients, a small nibble won’t hurt!