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GEM Concierge SMS FAQUpdated 8 months ago

What number do I text?

You can text ‘Modify Order’ to 415-340-6085 and the GEM bot will walk you through your options!

What keywords can I send?

Modify or Modify order - Will let you delay/skip or log into your account to make other changes

Info - Will tell you when your next order is scheduled to process

Shipping - Will tell you your current shipping address and give you a link to update it

Billing - Will give you a link to update your billing info

Reactivate - Will help you reactivate your subscription

STOP - Will opt you out of GEM Concierge texts

START - Will re-start GEM Concierge texts

Do I have to pay for this?

No, but carrier fees may apply. Check with your carrier’s SMS fees to learn more.

How do I update my order?

Text ‘Modify Order’ and we'll send you options to either delay your order or click through to your portal to update it in other ways. 

How can I opt out?

Text 'STOP'

I opted-out on accident… what do I do?

No worries - text 'START'

Is there a WHATSAPP number I can use?

We’re working on it :)

How do I change the date of my upcoming charge notification?

At this time we send a message 3 days in advance of your order, but you are unable to select a different send date. 

Any other languages other than English?

Not at the moment. Most of the customers using this speak English so we started with that. Feel free to request a new language by emailing [email protected]

I accidentally ended my subscription, what do I do?

No worries! Text “Reactivate” and it will get you on your way to get back to your original subscription.

Why does it keep telling me it doesn’t know what I’m saying?

Our bot is pretty sharp but it doesn’t know too many keywords just yet. Please refer to the keywords at the top of this FAQ for help with that (although Modify Order is always a good place to start). If you need help otherwise, email us at [email protected].

I received a text that had odd words in it, what’s up with that?

That’s a bug. We’re working on it. Feel free to send a screenshot of that text to [email protected]

Are my texts being read by a human?

No, they are being answered by a bot, which is why we may not understand what you are saying sometimes (see above). 

Are my texts being logged and saved somewhere?

Yes. They are being saved to a local, secure database.

Emoji support?

Not yet 👨‍💻

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