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Why does GEM not have 100% of all vitamins?Updated 6 months ago

GEM was created to fill in the gaps in our diets and offer ingredients that aren't typically found in our diet, like ashwagandha to help relieve stress, astaxanthin to offer powerful antioxidants, beta-glucan to prime our immune system, or pre + probiotics to support our gut health. 

Additionally, we don't believe in mega-dosing. Many of us are used to seeing values of vitamins in the 200% and 300% range (and sometimes even higher). But megadoses can do more harm than good. Fat-soluble vitamins will be stored in our adipose tissue (fat cells), which can lead to toxic levels over time. As for water-soluble vitamins, our bodies physically can't absorb and overdose and we pee most of them out.

The nutrient amounts in GEM were carefully crafted to fill in the gaps and work synergistically with the foods and nutrients already in your diet. Turns out our bodies prefer food, not capsules, meaning we absorb nutrients from food best. GEM’s real-food bites metabolize more naturally and effectively, leading to optimized absorption.

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